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Hack Pattern April Pants

April Pants Pattern Hack

A few days ago I launched my latest pattern. The April trousers, which join the April collection composed of a blouse, a spinning cheekbone and shorts. All with nice ruffles that give the collection a Flamenco and "Feria de Abril" look, a Feria that is celebrated in Seville in April...

The new trousers offer the same options as the shorts, with their ruffles and fake button plackets, but they can be made to look simple, with their straight cut and elasticated waistband for ultimate comfort...

And for this version, we wanted to have fun and give it a very fashionable touch, by tightening the trousers at the ankle level. Do you want to know how we did it? We explain it here!

Create 6 loops by cutting a 30 cm x 3 cm piece; fold over the seam allowance on each long side, and then fold the piece in half. Iron well.

Topstitch 2 mm from the edge to close the loop piece and do the same on the other side of the loop to get a nice finish.

Cut the piece into 6 equal parts. 3 loops are needed for each peg.

Fold over the top and bottom ends of the loops and topstitch them to the trousers. Measure 15 cm from the hem and place the top of the loop at this point, the first loop is in the middle back of each leg and the other 2 loops are 8 cm from the middle front seam of the legs.

Do the same with the other leg/ankle.

Cut 2 other pieces of 60 cm X 3 cm and fold them, iron and sew in the same way. Make a small knot at the ends.

Now all you have to do is pass the strings between the loops on each ankle, wrap them around the leg and tie them. That's it!

What do you think of this style?

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