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Tutorial for Sweet Winter Vest

The Sweet Winter cardigan pattern is a great basic that you can hack to your heart's content! We have decided to give you a tutorial on how to add sleeves to the waistcoat and give it a trendy look with oversized shoulders.

The sleeve tutorial

Allow an extra 50cm x 40cm of fabric to cut your sleeves.

Cut the shape twice according to the diagram above at the fold of your fabric. Seam allowances are included.

You can adjust the width of your ruffle to your liking for an even more oversized effect.

Start sewing your Sweet Winter waistcoat by following the steps in the explanation booklet.

Just before step number 7, take your two pieces of cuffs.

1- Fold your two pieces of cuffs in half inside out. Mark the fold with an iron.

2- Stitch in the seam allowance at 0.5cm along the rounded edge to hold your folded pieces.
Mark the centre of your sleeve.

3- Once you have assembled the front and back shoulders of your waistcoat, position your sleeve cuffs over your open armholes. Align the centre mark of the sleeve with the shoulder seam.
The previous seam should be against the edge of your armholes.
Make a joining seam 1cm from the edge.

Your sleeves are now assembled to your waistcoat, you can continue with the sewing steps of your waistcoat and put a lining or not. If you are not lining your vest, we advise you to overlock your assembly seams.

Your Sweet Winter cardigan is stylish with those nice sleeves!

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