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Tote Bag tutorial for girls

There's nothing cuter than these little handbags.

Not only are they easy to make, but they are also practical.

So why not involve the children in this activity!

In addition, classes have resumed and these little bags could be used as school bags or for after-school outings.

All you need is fabric, I personally used Lovelytelas fabric, your scissors and your sewing machine.

Here are the steps:

First, cut 4 rectangles from the main fabric (2) and its lining (2).  

The fabric I used is from Lovelytelas, I will also use it to cut the strips.

Measurements rectangle fabric (outside and lining): 20 cm width X 25 cm height + 1 cm seam allowance all around.

Measurements of the 4 strips: 60 cm length X 4 cm width +1 cm seam allowance all around.


Overlap the fabrics, right sides together and sew the bottom 1 cm apart, leaving the top and sides of the rectangles completely open.

Do the same with the lining. 

Sew the top seam of the outer fabric and lining together leaving an opening.

Iron flat and fold each fabric in half to align the sides, outer fabric right sides together and inner fabric right sides together.

Sew the seam allowance on both sides.


Turn the bag right side out, iron and topstitch the edges to 0.5 cm so that the lining and the main fabric are locked together.

Prepare the handles by joining the strips 2 by 2 on the 1 cm seam (leave the bottom open).

Turn the handles over and iron. 

Now that all the previous steps are completed, these are all the pieces you will get. 

All you have to do is attach the handles to the bag by folding the unstitched end back by 1 cm and stitching them on the sides. 

And here is your little bag !!!!!! 


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